Pure Morning

Pure Morning is a altrock/shoegaze band from Sinaloa, México.

In loving memory of Jorge Sepulveda, our best friend (1992-2015)

Update 04.09.17:

We are recording our new album! These dates are shows we did in the first half of 2017!

Update 21.11.16:

We're so glad to tell you, we're touring again!

Update 08.08.16:

If you are in Guadalajara, Toluca or Ciudad de México, see you soon!

Update 12.01.16:

It's a great honor to share with you guys our most recent video: Stirling <3 Enjoy and share!

Update 21.12.15:

This year has been very gratifying for us, we were able to share our music with many people from many countries but above all, listen a lot of music from everywhere.
Here we share with you five albums released in 2015, in Mexico and Latin America, we liked a lot. Merry Christmas and happy new year <3

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Update 24.11.15:

We released yesterday a new track, When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine), here you can listen to it:

Update 10.1115:

Good day lads and ladettes! We've got awesome news for ya'! Recently our greek and european
label AKA Melotron Recordings, has re-edited our debut album 'The Broadcasting Department ofPhiladelphia' and
it will be available on two very limited edition formats and the digital one.
You can get our digital format album for €1, the re-issue limited edition for €7, or the Ultra limited vinyl replica for €10!
We're very grateful for the support you guys have sent us from where you are, it means a lot to us! Thanks! <3

Click here to pre-order the re-issue

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